Our Story

The story of Glassguard begins with stained glass. No, not the beautiful, artistic stained glass that adorns windows. The gross kind that we see every day in our homes – scummy showers, dirty doors and grimy windows. Yuck.


How many times have you scrubbed your shower door for what seems like hours, only to have it look just as filthy as before you cleaned it the very next day? Yep, we’ve all been there.


Australians, as well as people all over the world, needed a way to keep their glass gleaming without the hassle and the frustration of having to scrub and scrub just to see the tiniest of results.


And so, the Glassguard concept was born.


In February 2020, the world was introduced to this awesome new brand that seemed too good to be true. A product that made cleaning glass easy, and keeping it clean even easier? “Pfft. As if. I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well, people did see it, and they bought it, and they LOVED it!


Glassguard has been selling out due to a HUGE number of sales. People all around the world can’t get enough, not just for the high-quality products but because of Glassguard’s contribution to supporting small businesses, charities and its ever-growing customer base.


So, if you want to rid the glass in your bathrooms, kitchens – anywhere really – of mould, dirt, grime and other nasties, pick up a bottle of Stain Remover for a squeaky clean look, then add a top layer of Nanocoat to seal in the clean and Bob’s your uncle! You’ll have sparkling, easy-to-clean, stain-free glass for a long time to come.


To learn more about Glassguard and how we support our Aussie community, click here. Otherwise, head to our online shop and get your clean on!