May 18, 2023

What is Hygge Cleaning (And How to Master It)

What is Hygge Cleaning (And How to Master It)

You may have heard the term “hygge” thrown around in regard to interior design and decor, but it’s actually becoming a popular cleaning style as well! Today we’re introducing you to the idea of hygge-style cleaning and our best tips for mastering it in your home.

What is hygge cleaning?

“Hygge” is a Danish term and is used to describe something that embodies the feelings of a warm, cosy, inviting, relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. It’s pronounced “hyoo·guh” for those wondering.

When we think of hygge in design, we envision soft, fluffy floor rugs, lots of comfy pillows in a neutral colour scheme, warm, soft lighting and other similar features.

A hygge cleaning experience should include whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, mindful and motivated to carry out the task at hand.

If anything from the list of hygge cleaning tips below resonates with you, try including it in your next cleaning effort.

Best tips to master the art of hygge cleaning

1. Be mindful of the little things

Set the scene to make sure you’re entering a calm, peaceful atmosphere while you clean. Light your favourite candle, pop on some soft music, create a stylish to-do list that you can work with - whatever helps you get into the best mindset for the task at hand.

2. Declutter the space

It’s hard to clean when you’re faced with a bunch of bits and pieces lying around and getting in the way. Put items away and declutter the space as best you can before you start cleaning and as you go.

3. Use eco-friendly cleaning products

If you’re an eco-conscious human being, using cleaning chemicals may lead to anxiety, guilt and frustration. If you choose eco-friendly cleaning products, that can help you to stay positive about any cleaning you need to complete.

4. Take your time

Set aside a specific period of time when you can focus solely on cleaning. This will help remove thoughts of “I should be doing something else right now” and allow you to really take your time and clean with a calm, focused mindset.

5. Focus on the spaces you live in the most

These are the spaces you want to associate with feelings of calm, relaxation and positivity. For some people, it might be the bedroom and living room. For others, it might be the bathroom and kitchen. If you can’t clean the whole house in the hygge cleaning style, focus on your personal hygge areas as a priority.

Hopefully, this will help you find your zen the next time you need to clean your home.