Feb 05, 2024

Is It Better to Clean Glass with a Rag or a Squeegee?

Is It Better to Clean Glass with a Rag or a Squeegee?

Does your dad have a bag of old rags in the shed that he grabs for every glass cleaning effort? Unfortunately for Dad, rags aren’t the best option when it comes to cleaning your glass. Glass cleaning has come a long way, and these days, there’s better equipment on the market that Dad can use that works super effectively without breaking the bank.

Should you clean glass with a rag?

Professional cleaners will answer ‘absolutely not’! Rags, especially old rags, often carry high quantities of lint. This lint is easily transferred onto your glass, as the material used for general-purpose rags was not designed for cleaning and can even cause damage to your glass.

What can you use to clean glass instead of a rag?

If you want Dad to stop using rags to clean glass, other options are available. Microfibre cloths and specialised cleaning cloths are excellent at keeping the glass clean and are easily accessible for purchase. The soft material allows them to quickly soak up any liquid on the glass without scratching or damaging the surface AND they’re completely lint-free! If he’s feeling daring, he could even try out a squeegee…

Is it better to use a squeegee to clean glass?

A squeegee is an excellent tool for cleaning and is best suited to those ‘in-between’ cleans to help extend the time between big glass cleans. A dedicated glass squeegee ensures that any dirt or grime is removed from the glass quickly, making your next big clean easier and less time-consuming. Squeegees are also a great tool for removing excess water after a big clean to avoid watermarks and drips.

Though Dad might disagree, rags and old cloths should NOT be the go-to for cleaning glass - there are many excellent products on the market, such as microfibre cloths and squeegees, that are specifically designed to provide a superior clean.