Jun 05, 2024

How Can I Be Eco-Friendly When Cleaning? (3 Cleaning Tips for Eco-Warriors)

How Can I Be Eco-Friendly When Cleaning? (3 Cleaning Tips for Eco-Warriors)

World Environment Day (June 5th) has arrived and we’re here to help you in your efforts to keep your home sparkling while reducing your eco-footprint. You don't need a cape to be a hero for the environment - just some eco-friendly cleaning products and a sprinkle of sustainable cleaning wisdom. Here are 3 tips for embracing the spirit of World Environment Day in your cleaning efforts.

1. Choose reusable cleaning cloths…every time

Seriously, paper towels cause a devastating amount of paper waste, especially when trees are such a critical resource for so many other important aspects of human and animal life. By banishing paper towels from your home and choosing reusable cleaning cloths instead, you can create less paper waste and help make a difference.

2. Invest in products that help reduce time spent and resources needed for cleaning

Nanocoats are an incredible way to help protect surfaces from dirt, dust, and other mess. They create an invisible barrier that helps in many ways including reducing the amount of water needed in cleaning efforts, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, and cutting down cleaning time for an added bonus.

3. Find a multi-purpose cleaning spray that’s sustainable, powerful, and environmentally friendly

Rather than stocking up on a bunch of different cleaning sprays for different purposes, find one that works for most (if not all) surfaces and stick with it. Better yet, if you can find a multi-purpose cleaner that comes in a refillable bottle with an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and space-saving formula (like dissolvable cleaning tablets), you’re going to check off a bunch of eco-cleaning boxes.

Finally, one of the best things you can do this World Environment Day is support environmentally conscious cleaning brands that create sustainable cleaning products. Investing in these companies helps the world move towards a better, more eco-minded future for generations to come.