Aug 22, 2023

6 Simple Ways to Clean Faster and More Efficiently

6 Simple Ways to Clean Faster and More Efficiently

1. Do one task at a time

Work in production-line-style and break up your clean into individual tasks.

It's much faster to go through and vacuum each room, then wipe all the surfaces, then mop all the floors, and so on.

2. Have all your cleaning tools in a basket

Collect all your sprays, cloths, sponges, and other thingy-ma-jigs into a bucket to carry around with you.

This will greatly reduce your back and forth and forgetting where you put the spray and wipe.

3. Have a catch-all clutter basket

Before you start, grab a basket (an empty laundry basket works great) and go through each room collecting all of the bits and bops that do not belong.

At the end of your clean, you can sort through the basket all in one go.

4. Set a timer for each task or room

Ever start doing the dishes and before you know it you’re arranging the contents of your cupboards in alphabetical order?

We all get distracted so to clean more efficiently, set a timer for each task or each room.

This way you will know how long you have to get the job done.

5. Leave the perfectionist at home

It is better to clean the whole house 90% than clean one room 100%.

Stop getting distracted by every small smudge on the wall and focus on cleaning as much area as possible.

If you still have time and energy at the end then you can go back with a fine-tooth comb.

6. Don't overdo your cleaning agent.

Use your sprays sparingly.

You do not need much and often it'll take longer to remove the excess cleaning agent afterward than it will to clean it in the first place.