Jul 02, 2024

5 Steps to Properly Clean Your House (And Keep it That Way)

5 Steps to Properly Clean Your House (And Keep it That Way)

The time has come to roll the sleeves up and get stuck into a whole-house clean. It’s a big task, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you have the right tools and cleaning products at your disposal. Let’s turn this clean into something a little less intimidating while we answer the question of how do you properly clean your house - and keep it that way!?

1. Clean

Yes, we know this one’s obvious. But it’s what you do in between these big cleans that will help you most. General tidying and cleaning as you go in between cleans is the best way to reduce the time and elbow grease needed when it comes to whole-house cleaning. Silicone squeegees, multi-purpose cleaners, and soft, specialised cleaning cloths come in handy here, as they make cleaning so much easier. Microfibre cloths are the go-to for surface wipe-downs, as they won’t damage surfaces and do not leave any lint or fabric behind – which you’d commonly find happens with a rag, paper towel, or newspaper. A squeegee kept in the shower will help to keep soap scum and grime at bay, and a multi-purpose cleaner coupled with a microfibre cloth will keep surfaces squeaky clean.

2. Cleanse

Getting into the nitty-gritty, cleansing those difficult-to-clean areas ensures they remain cleaner for longer. Mould removal gel is perfect for killing mould at the root whilst protecting against mildew and future mould growth. Glass restoration is an important step in the cleansing stage, as it removes stubborn build-up of soap scum, stains, and mineral deposits that can be a headache for glass surfaces. Window cleaner tools, such as scourer brushes and glass scrapers, can also be used to remove grime and other tough residues without damaging the glass in your home.

3. Protect

Now that we’ve carried out a deep cleanse, it’s time to protect the hard work we’ve done. Surface protection creates a hydrophobic barrier that prevents dirt, grime, stains, and mildew from building up again, and adding a layer of nanocoat protection ensures surfaces remain incredibly clean for longer.

4. Maintain

You’ve put in the hard yards to get your home sparkling clean, and now it’s time to keep it that way. Setting up a regular cleaning schedule (and sticking to it!) will ensure that nothing will be missed, or become too big of a problem in the future.

5. Enjoy

The cleaning is done, and now it’s time to enjoy your beautiful home until the next clean-up date comes around.