Jan 16, 2024

5 Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget (Make Your Bathroom More Magical)

5 Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget (Make Your Bathroom More Magical)


There is something about nature that calms us. Imagine taking a shower underneath a waterfall in a hidden valley surrounded by nature. Feeling calmer already right? Well why not add a touch of this to your bathroom. 

You can start by getting some plants, either placing them in the corners, hanging them from the walls or even placing them around your bathtub. Also no need to worry about keeping them alive, the plants will thrive by soaking up the moisture in the air so you won't need to worry about maintenance. 

Another brilliant idea is to introduce natural wooden shelves or a wooden storage chest. These will work with the plants to give your bathroom that relaxing nature vibe. 


To set the mood we must control the smell and the sight. Introduce some essential oil diffusers, scented candles or even pleasant smelling plants. Next you can pick up a nifty lamp for those times that you want to get away from the sterile white bathroom lights and have a relaxing night time shower or bath. 


Not only is this cheap, it's practically free. It may be hard to imagine, but underneath those yellow tiles and the cloudy glass shower doors is a beautiful bathroom waiting to come out.

Invest in some bathroom stain removers (like the GLASSGUARD Glass Restoration Stain Remover) and give your bathroom a deep clean. You will be surprised by just how attractive your bathroom can look once you restore it back to it's former glory. Not only will this give your bathroom a fresh look, but a twice yearly deep clean is vital to maintain your bathroom surfaces and keep the space healthy. 


It's easy to get sucked in to all the fancy, modern bathrooms you see in the magazines but it's important that you remember to give it your own touch. Pick your own decorations, paint colours, pictures, plants and furniture. Add something that brings you joy every time you look at it. Stray away from the cold, heartless bathrooms that are being sold to you and give your bathroom some personality and spunk. Almost anything goes, so get creative and make it you!


No, I am not talking about your toilet time. You need to let your bathroom space flow. No one wants to be squeezing past objects and knocking things over every time they're in the bathroom. This means sitting down with a pen and paper and planning out the flow of your bathroom. Think of different placements and arrangements. What can go where, and what you can get rid of. Make the space practical and it will help to create a space that you feel relaxed and calm.