Apr 16, 2024

5 of the Best Scents to Help Neutralise Odours in the Home (And Where to Use Them)

5 of the Best Scents to Help Neutralise Odours in the Home (And Where to Use Them)

Have you ever noticed that different household products tend to have different scents depending on the rooms they’re used in? For example, some fabric sprays for freshening up carpets and furniture in bedrooms and living areas generally have soft scents, while most bathroom and kitchen cleaners have sharper, more intense smells. Let’s find out why this is, which scents are best to help neutralise smell and which rooms they’re best used in.

Why are different smells better suited to different rooms?

Whether you use candles, sprays, essential oils or another type of scented item to neutralise odours in your home, you’ll find that some are better suited to specific rooms. There are a few reasons for this…

  1. Certain scents are stronger, fresher and better at masking odours than others and are better suited to rooms that tend to be a little on the smellier side.
  2. Each room has a purpose and scents are very useful tools for setting the tone and the mood.

Which scents are best for neutralising odours in homes?

1. Eucalyptus (Bathroom/Toilet)

Eucalyptus is a strong, crisp scent that works hard to mask and neutralise some of the stronger odours found in bathrooms/toilet rooms.

2. Citrus (Kitchen)

Lemon, orange and other fresh citrus scents are perfect for neutralising strong kitchen odours while offering a smell that complements food preparation.

3. Coffee (Study/Home Office)

What better smell to greet you as you enter your office or study than fresh coffee. It’s perky, energetic and a proven mood booster.

4. Vanilla/Caramel (Lounge/Dining/Rumpus)

Vanilla and caramel are just the most welcoming scents, especially when combined. This scent combo is perfectly suited for lounge rooms, dining areas and rumpus rooms - all the places where there is an abundance of happiness that makes a house a home.

5. Lavender (Bedroom)

Nothing says ‘bedtime’ more than the calming, soothing scent of lavender. It’s also a nice strong scent to neutralise the smell of dirty socks, without being too overpowering.

Hopefully this post inspires you find your own scent preferences and add them to each room in your home to help neutralise some of the less than nice odours that can be found in every household.