Dec 07, 2023

3 Eco-Friendly Tips to Remove Waste From Household Cleaning Practices

3 Eco-Friendly Tips to Remove Waste From Household Cleaning Practices

We all know just how important it is for us to cut down on waste in our households. We’ve made the swap to reusable coffee cups, choose to recycle as much as possible and try to be mindful about the day to choices we make. One of the hardest aspects of a household to cut down on waste is in the cleaning department. Here are a few ways you can lessen your impact by starting to remove waste from your household cleaning practices.

1. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products

Not only are these more natural products better for the environment, it’s likely that the packaging they come in is reusable, recyclable or even biodegradable. When you swap to buying your cleaning products from a company that cares about the environment, you’re doing your part to cut down on waste in a lot of ways.

2. Choose reusable cleaning tools and avoid single-use products

This means choosing microfibre cloths over paper towels, reusable duster and mop pads as opposed to disposable ones or even returning to traditional cleaning methods like a trusty broom and dustpan. The less products used, the less waste ends up in landfills.

3. Dispose of waste properly

Sometimes, waste is inevitable. We know that. It’s how we dispose of it when we need to that matters. Recyclable waste should be recycled in the right way, whether that be in your household recycling bin or returned to the store. You can find information on the packaging as to which method is best. Hazardous waste is another huge danger to the environment, especially when it’s not properly disposed of. Harsh chemical-based cleaning products, batteries, appliances and other hazardous products generally have special waste collection events or disposal centres. You can often find disposal instructions on the packaging as well.

If you’re not already being mindful about reducing waste in your household, remember these tips next time you reach for your cleaning products!