May 18, 2023

3 Challenging Cleaning Situations (And How to Deal With Them)

3 Challenging Cleaning Situations (And How to Deal With Them)

This article isn’t a general guide to cleaning. No. It’s going to tackle the BIG cleans. The cleans we know we need to do but we dread because they usually take a lot of time and energy. Here are our top 3 challenging cleaning situations and a few of our best tips to help you get through them.

End of Lease Clean

Our biggest tip for an End of Lease clean is to not leave it until the last minute. The more little cleans you can carry out in the lead-up to your lease ending, the easier the final big clean will be. Another helpful piece of advice is to clean from top to bottom so that any fallen dust and debris is caught on the first run-through.

Clean Up After a Party/Event

The best advice we can give for this kind of a clean is to ask for help from the people who attended your party/event. Often, guests will offer to help anyway. Don’t think you can’t take them up on their offer. Even if they are just able to help with putting rubbish that’s been left out into the bin before they leave, that’s one less thing for you to worry about. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for spills while you’re partying or at the beginning of the cleanup; the sooner you can spot-clean them, the less likely they are to cause stains or damage.

Car Clean Out

Now, this is more of a preventative measure to help with future car cleanouts. We highly recommend investing in storage and rubbish accessories for your car. Much like homes, cars gather a lot of stuff and rubbish is often thrown on the floor. If there are dedicated spots for items needed in the car and rubbish bins, the mess is less likely to accumulate. Our other recommendation is to use a specialised glass cleaner on your car windows. They’ll stay cleaner for longer and will be easier to clean next time around.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you feel a little more prepared for those upcoming big cleans.