May 18, 2023

10 Cleaning Hacks For a Spotless Home

10 Cleaning Hacks For a Spotless Home

Whether you love cleaning or it's something you’d rather avoid, there’s no escaping the fact that it needs to be done. Though every household is different and will be cleaned in its own way, here are our top 10 cleaning hacks that can be applied in most households to keep them neat and tidy.

1. Invest in microfibre cloths

Not only are microfibre cloths more eco-friendly than using paper towels and other disposable wipes, but they are also much better at picking up dust and dirt than other household cleaning cloths.

2. Clean one room at a time

Don’t try to cover everything all at once. Focus on one room at a time and take breaks in between.

3. Make high-traffic areas a priority

Kitchen benches, bathroom sinks, dining room tables and spaces that are walked through frequently are high-traffic areas in most homes, but figure out which zones become dirty fastest in your house and focus on them regularly, as a priority.

4. Create a cleaning schedule

Having a cleaning schedule in place will keep you and other members of the household accountable. It’s a clear method of communication when it comes to delegating cleaning duties.

5. Vacuum regularly

This is especially important if you have pets or live in a particularly dusty area. Just a quick vacuum every day or two can make all the difference.

6. Store cleaning supplies in a caddy or organiser

This way, all your supplies are together and can be easily accessed when needed. It also helps with keeping track of when you might need to replace or refill your cleaning supplies.

7. Clean as you go

This is one of the biggest tips we can give. If you’re heading to the kitchen, take that used cup with you. If you’re having a shower, give the glass a quick wipe-down while you’re in there. It’ll save time and effort in the long run and will help to avoid a bigger mess by cleaning in smaller doses.

8. Declutter when required

If you’re finding that your wardrobe is beginning to be filled with items you don’t wear or your kids' toys have accumulated but they don’t play with them anymore, it’s time to declutter. Keep to a schedule, if you can; maybe every six months aim to declutter on a large scale.

9. Don’t forget the small things

Light fixtures, baseboards, windowsills, under the couch - make sure you don’t forget about all those little places where dust, dirt and other bits and pieces are hidden as they accumulate.

10. Use specialised cleaning products

This is one area we are particularly familiar with. Our Glassguard products have been designed to keep glass and similar surfaces in tip-top shape. If you can find a specialised cleaning product, you can almost always expect it to provide a better clean.

Feeling motivated to clean now? Hopefully, these tips will help!